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Happiness Is A Skill,

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Mindset Mentoring and Skillset to Reach Your Goals!


You can easily reach your Health, Happiness and Success Goals.


And this level of Well Being can become your natural way of living.


Discover simple techniques that will give you more than motivation to rely on!


Take advantage of leading edge science and technology to reach your goals faster.


Get help staying on track and boost your confidence.


Science is finally catching up to 1000 year old methods that have been used not because we could explain them but because they worked. Well now with the advances in Quantum Physics, we can explain why they work. Unfortunately, you are not going to find this in standard medical texts for probably another 10 years.


So here’s the thing, I’ve spent the last 15 years digging deep into one very specific question. “Why do I know what to do, but just can’t get myself to do it”. This inability to complete a goal can be any number of things but usually it falls under one or more of the well being categories: health, happiness and success. For many of my early years I cycled through all three categories continually struggling to reach my goals. Then about 5 years ago, I began to align my spiritual and emotional self to my physical self. After that, my ability to stay on track with what I now call inspired motivation had me healing my ailments, dissolving my anger and fully aligning with the woman and mother I always wanted to become.


Science is teaching us a completely new way of looking at our world. Luckily, we do not need to become Quantum Physicists in order to benefit. We do however, need to understand how it affects our daily lives. I’ve been on a quest to simplify this new(ish) information and it’s relevance to our over all Well Being. Turns out our Health, Happiness and Success relies heavily on our perceptions of the environment, our thoughts and our self limiting beliefs!


“We can control our lives by controlling our perceptions.”

— Dr. Bruce Lipton


This one sentence was a game changer! It empowered me and instilled hope all at the same time. Now I want to share this same empowerment and hope with you! We now know how to take advantage of our brains natural plasticity and quickly rewire old habits, beliefs and perceptions that are causing you to not reach your goals. I want you to know that creating a life you love doesn’t have to be hard. You just need to have an open mind and a desire to be a Well, Being.

Love, Light, Laughter and Limitless Potential,

Andrea Knight, The Well Being Coach

Hello and Welcome!

I’ve taken my life long love of nutrition and my passionate pursuit of happiness to become The Well Being Coach. My transformational coaching techniques will help you harness the power of your thoughts, emotions and subconscious beliefs to improve your health and well being. With the right tools, an empowered foundation and a rekindled connection with Body, Mind and Spirit you can easily build a life you LOVE! 

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