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Andrea Knight, The Wellbeing Coach                                               Healthy, Happy and Successful 

Welcome Health and Happiness Seekers!

I’m Andrea Knight and I’ve turned my lifelong, passionate pursuit of becoming Healthy, Happy and Successful into coaching programs that streamline the process and get you to your goals.

First off, I’d like to thank you for spending a bit of your time on my website today. It is an honor to have this chance to tell you a little about myself and why I do what I do. It is also my hope that you will resonate with my message and discover some solutions to your own nagging health and lifestyle concerns.

My life’s work involves changing lives and Transforming them from ordinary to extraordinary! I am so pleased you have found yourself here with me today and, hopefully, it will become the starting point of a beautiful journey together.

How do I know without a doubt that solutions to your health, happiness and success are but a few short conversations away? Because I have seen it time and time again, hidden beneath the surface, just out of view, a total paradigm shift just waiting to emerge.

This is what makes my work so exciting and rewarding. There is no better feeling than guiding clients through roadblocks and watching them achieve their goals using the many tips, techniques and skills I’ve accumulated over the years.

Coaching has always come naturally for me. In fact, most of my job positions have revolved around teaching and coaching people on how to eat better and solve health concerns. My many years in various health food stores provided the perfect opportunity to get really good at asking the right questions. It also gave me the opportunity to begin understanding why some could take advice and run with it while others struggled to make even the simplest change. Why did people know what to do but not take action? Secretly, I was searching for the answer to that exact question. I was great at accumulating all the information and sharing it but, when it came to my own health issues, I just couldn’t seem to get past them. What was it that me and these other customers who struggled were missing.

Then it happened, I finally realized that I had mistakenly cut myself off from the transforming abilities available through a rekindled connection with mind, body and spirit.

All that time I had been relying solely on willpower to follow through.


By simply tapping into a deeper part of myself, I discovered a well of Inspired Motivation.

Sharing your story with the world isn’t easy.

Just finding the right words to articulate our experiences can be hard. But in sharing my story, I know you will find yourself relating some of it to Your Story. That’s how you will know if we would make a great match. You want a coach in your corner that understands what it’s like and how it feels, yet knows how to show you a way out. So I tell ya, if you want some introspection, consider journaling Your Story.


And now for My Story:

For years I struggled with my health, weight and self esteem. I was labeled the fat kid and lost all confidence in myself. My weight became the focal point of my life and it felt like everything revolved around that subject. I sat on the side lines and shied away from so many opportunities just because of my weight. I began researching alternative medicine and consulted with Acupuncturists, Chiropractors and Naturopathic Doctors. The practitioners and books would tell me to eat this and not that and to take this supplement. I’d try the suggestions for a bit then fall right back into my old patterns. My health continued to decline but I was determined to find the cause of my limited motivation, increasing tiredness and uncontrollable eating habits. I read everything I could get my hands on at the time and even started working at my first health food store. I was great at sharing all that I had learned over the years but yet, could not seem to help myself.

For a long time I just stopped caring. My weight got up past 200 lbs and my dis-eases got worse and worse. Basically my body was screaming at me with Severe Rosacea, Anemia, Systemic Candida and Fibroids the size of grapefruits. Some days I couldn’t even make it home from work without pulling over to sleep. Why did I know what to do and still not do it? Deep down inside I knew there must be a better way but, I was so afraid of failing again, I kept sabotaging myself. By the time I had my son, I knew I couldn’t continue like this if I wanted to be the energetic, playful mom I had dreamed of becoming.


It has been (and continues to be) an amazing journey of self discovery. Now I live each day with Energy, Confidence and a Passion I never knew was possible. There is a wonderful new world to discover when we begin to respect our body, mind and spirit. It becomes much more than the number on the scale or how we see ourselves in the mirror but rather this desire to truly take care of ourselves. Our food becomes more about nutrition than a need to fill our 3 meals per day. Most of all, we begin to understand that our dis-eases are merely a symptom of something deeper and that real transformation can only come from there. I want to help you discover these same qualities so you can begin to truly love yourself and live the LIFE YOU DESERVE!!

I completed training as a Transformational Nutrition Coach in March of 2015. This training along with all those years of “geeking” out over Holistic Nutrition has given me the ability to uncover what is really getting in the way of you reaching your health and lifestyle goals.

Now I give more than just great advice, I help you discover solutions that fit your unique situations.

Just one shift in my perspective and my whole mindset changed

Our transformations continue to happen as we learn and experience life. This journey of self-discovery comes through daily conscious awareness of our thoughts and emotions. I’ve recognized that the more often I choose to go within and create from my true self, the easier my outside reality becomes. This doesn’t mean I don’t still face challenges, screw up or come up against my own emotional struggles. However, understanding that my perception will make all the difference, I easily gain a higher foothold and carry on. When we begin to understand ourselves better, choosing what to eat, what to say and how to feel becomes so much easier. We begin to prioritize our lives to make room for our desires and room for our needs and wants.


Selfish becomes Self First because we know it will make

the hard stuff easier and the good stuff amazing!


I’ve taken my life long love of nutrition and my passionate pursuit of happiness and to become The Wellbeing Coach. My coaching will teach you how to harness the power of your thoughts, emotions and subconscious beliefs to improve your health and well being. With the right tools, an empowered foundation and a rekindled connection with Body, Mind and Spirit you can easily build a life you LOVE!

There will always be a new destination, learn to love the journey!


Andrea Knight, CTNC

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