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The Well Being Blog

If You Can’t Explain It Simply, You Don’t Understand It Well Enough – Albert Einstein

The road to Well Being doesn’t need to difficult or overwhelming. The healthier, happier you is easily within your reach. I want to help you ditch the diet mentality and instead focus on building a new empowered foundation that makes you and your body feel healthy and vibrant. Instead of focusing on all the things you need to change, learn to incorporate healthier choices and perspectives that will naturally create long term solutions.

These articles provide you with a better understanding of our mind/body/spirit connection. Science is confirming that our thoughts become things and the perception of our environment affects our DNA. Connecting to the fact that our excess weight or diseases are a symptom of a deeper cause, we begin to adjust our perspectives that allow positive permanent changes to occur. We realize how directly related everything is to our emotions, thoughts and conditioning. This is how we take radical responsibility for our health and well being and begin to discover how to really LIVE. I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it.

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