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Transformational Well Being Program


Ready to be the Healthier and Happier You?

Want the Mindset and Skills to consistently

choose energizing foods for optimal health?

This program is designed to streamline your efforts and reconnect your Body, Mind and Spirit to make tapping into inspired action a breeze. Never rely on your fickle friend Motivation Again!

Plus you will uncover exactly why

Why You Know What To Eat, But Still Don’t Do It.

Myself and the team over at the Institute of Transformational Nutrition have combined efforts to bring you proven, leading edge techniques and skills that will improve all areas of your Well Being. Along with recipes, meal planning templates, shopping lists and worksheets, The 6 Week Transformational Nutrition Guide contains all the step-by-step coaching you’ll need during your week by week

Diet and Mindset Transformations!

Want to skyrocket your efforts? Consider adding one-2-one coaching!

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Let’s begin this journey and, together, we will discover what truly works for you.


Around 5 years ago, I finally found the answers to my life long quest for health and happiness and experienced my first transformational shift. It truly opened the doors to an amazing journey of

self-discovery, self-love and self-first.

I’ve made it my life’s purpose to help people just like you discover just how simple it is to take radical responsibility for your own health and happiness!

Transformational Well Being Program is ideal for anyone who wants:

  • Real change and not just another diet

  • To address mindset and uncover Why You Know What To Eat, But Still Don’t

  • To discover how tapping into our thoughts and emotions can reveal what is really getting in your way

  • A renewed connection with spirit that allows yourself, along with all your perfect imperfections, to still feel Happy, Healthy and Empowered

The Transformational Nutrition Guide and Workbook

This downloadable guide is a quick, fun read loaded with information that will help you transform your entire life and reconnect to mind, body, and spirit! The workbook provides the perfect tools to help you apply what you are learning. Plus, it’s broken down into six modules that makes developing your new skills and staying on track, a breeze!


The guide contains a wealth of knowledge PLUS:
  • Done-for-you daily meal plans and templates to create your own
  • Time-saving shopping lists
  • 60+ recipes made in 30 minutes or less with ingredients you can find at your local grocery store!
  • Tips for saving you time and money
  • Handy reference pages for which foods to eat and which to avoid
  • Strategies to transform the way you think
  • Why you know what to do, but just don’t
  • Exercises to help you delve deep and experience permanent change
  • And much more!

Plus, an invitation to join my private Facebook Group for a daily dose of inspiration and support with any questions!

I am so glad to have found such a wonderful & knowledgeable nutritional coach as Andrea! I need the accountability and I need the balance that she’s bringing to my process! Its nice to know that I have an expert on my side! Daneka

Andrea’s passion for knowledge shines through in her coaching. Her approach made it easy for me to start uncovering why I was getting in the way of achieving my weight loss goals. Together we created solutions and adjusted as needed along the way. Jeff

Skyrocket your efforts by adding One-2-One Coaching and get:

  • A coach in your corner offering motivation, inspiration, support and accountability
  • All the right questions to help you tune in and dig deep
  • Solutions that are as unique as you and the action plans to follow through
  • Inspired action steps that help you stay in the flow
  • New skills that continue to improve your ability to take control of that “monkey mind” and choose thoughts, emotions and habits that create happiness
  • Nutritional advice to make it easier to choose energizing, healthier foods that are right for you
  • Answers to any questions about digestion issues, gut health, hormone balancing, cleansing or even how to make Kim-chi
  • Access to all the streamlining tips, tricks and real life hacks I’ve discovered along the way

Click “Let’s Get Started” to arrange a Free 15 minute Strategy Session!

Transformational Well Being 6 Week Program

Be a Healthier and Happier You!
  • – Instant access to The Transformational Nutrition Guide, Workbook, Recipes, Meal Planning Templates and Handy Reference Pages

  • – Weekly Emails containing suggested articles, books and recipes that will help your unique journey

  • – Plus, An invitation to join my Nourishing Body, Mind and Spirit Facebook Group


I’ve Made It Easy To Start Your Health and Happiness Journey Today With

Just Two Payments of $149!

100% Money-Back Guarantee! That’s right! I stand 100% behind this program! If for any reason within the first two weeks, you are not happy, simply contact me and I’ll give you a full refund! No questions asked! 100% guaranteed!

Participants hail this as the most insightful program they’ve ever taken to quickly and effectively learn about themselves, their thoughts, beliefs, eating habits and emotions, and discover compassion for themselves like never before!

Week 1 is all about awareness and getting ready for your transformation! We will also talk about what to eat and why, as well as ways to start the process of eliminating certain foods from your diet.


Week 2 I will start to guide you through meal planning and give you some fabulous recipes you can use to get started on transforming the way you eat right away! I will walk you through how to structure your plate and your serving sizes to get you familiar with what healthy eating looks like.

Week 3 is all about transforming your approach to eating by exploring the psychology of the way you eat! I will walk you through why you know what to do, but you don’t do it. I’ll also be introducing you to the emotions that are motivating your eating behavior, and ways you can begin to change your habits to support your transformation!

Week 4 we will take a deep dive into the mind and the way you think! During this week you’ll be exploring your thought patterns so that you can bring more awareness to your habits to transform the way you think about yourself and food! We’ll also be exploring why change is so difficult and how to begin to overcome these obstacles!

Week 5 we’ll delve into the spirit! You’ll learn how your spirit can contribute to poor eating habits and how nurturing the spirit will contribute to the transformation. You’ll do an in depth exercise on finding your value and begin to make changes that will help you transform your life!

Week 6 I will show you how to transform how you eat with my “Five Step Formula to Healthy Delicious Meals in Minutes a Day!” We’ll explore how to prep, shop, and prepare your foods, so you are all set up for success. We’ll also explore how to be compassionate if you fall off the wagon and how to maintain your transformation into the future!

There is a wonderful new world to discover when we begin to respect our body, mind and spirit. It becomes much more than the number on the scale or how we see ourselves in the mirror but rather this desire to truly take care of ourselves.

Our food becomes more about long term nutrition than a need to follow yet another diet.

Most of all, we begin to understand that our dis-eases are merely a symptom of something deeper and that real transformation can only come from there.

I’ve been using my Transformational Well Being Coaching techniques to teach clients these similar qualities so they can truly love themselves and


Love, Light and Limitless Potential,

Andrea Knight, CTNC

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